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Round Ten: Challenge Fifteen - Results

Challenge Fifteen is over and we have to say goodbye to one more person. Thank you for participating and congratulations for making it this far!

by alliana07 with 8 negative votes. (-9+1=-8)

And the favorites!

Voters' choice:
by realproof with 7 positive votes. (-1+8=+7)

Now that we are eliminating one person per challenge, there is no longer immunity. And now that we're down to so few people, there is no Mod's Choice.

All negative and positive votes are added together to create your final score. For example, if an icon gets 5 negative votes and 2 positive votes, the score is -3. If an icon gets 6 negative votes and 4 positive votes, the score is -2. The -3 gets eliminated, even though the other icon got more negative votes. Positive votes can save you from being eliminated.

01. -9+1=-8
02. -3+4=+1
03. -1+8=+7

If your number is not listed, your icon didn't receive any votes.

If you would like to see the comments your icon received, please leave a comment with your icon number and I will send them to you via screened comment. You must have comment e-mails turned on to see my response. All comments will remain anonymous.

Most people gave reasons for their favorite votes as well, so if you got only positive votes, there's a good chance that people still left comments about your icon.

Congratulations to our final two, narniacmr and realproof!

The final challenge will be posted shortly!
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